Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling Products

What if you could take the same quality technology in your car and use it to cool or heat your home? Though Mitsubishi is usually associated with vehicles, their electrical appliance branch, Mitsubishi Electric, offers heating and cooling systems unlike any currently on the market. Their HVAC units are not only effective and convenient; they’re also affordable, providing energy-efficient cooling at a fraction of the cost of other HVAC units.

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems

When it comes to heating and cooling, Mitsubishi knows that it’s all about precision. One degree could be the difference between perfection and freezing, and everyone has their own temperature preferences. The Mitsubishi ductless mini split system offers central heating and cooling that can be installed in one room or several areas of the house. Each unit provides customized air conditioning programmed to your exact needs. Have one area of your home that is consistently warm, no matter what you do? With a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system, you can enjoy total comfort in all areas of your home with uniquely programmed functions for every room.

Every unit offers a sleek, subtle design that perfectly mounts to your wall. Available in colors such as glossy black, glossy white or matte silver, your unit will blend in to every room. For more uniquely painted areas, the elegant panels can be wrapped or painted to match.

Smart Unit Controls

When you’re outside on a hot day, you expect to enter your home and feel instant relief from the summer heat, not wait around for the air conditioning to cool your house down. While many systems only allow you to program when your unit starts and stops cooling, the Mitsubishi ductless mini split system allows you to cool your home while you’re gone and keep a close eye on your home’s temperature, even while you’re out and about! Control your home’s unit with the convenient smartphone panel, allowing you to set a target temperature, fan speed and more. When your home has reached the desired temperature, you can easily turn off your system, saving you money on energy bills and allowing you to come home to a delightfully comfortable house.

Cool Your Home This Summer with a Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Unit

With summer fast approaching, your home’s air conditioning unit may need some TLC, tender loving cooling! Replace your clunky, energy-draining unit with a cost-effective and energy-efficient ductless mini split system from Mitsubishi.

If you’re hoping to tame the Texas heat with Mitsubishi’s line of air conditioning systems, let Ike’s Air Conditioning take care of you. We are San Antonio’s top Mitsubishi contractor and preferred diamond dealer.

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