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The Perfect 16 fits seamlessly into your existing HVAC system.

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A simple home allergy test can be life-changing for your family. Most people are surprised to the amount of allergens that exist inside their own home. Contaminants and pollen particles can make their way inside your home through open windows,
cracks, pets, shoes and clothing where they become trapped inside with you and your family. The combination of these particles with the pet dander, dust mites, household chemicals and mold that already exist in your home result in poor air quality. If this sounds like your home, then consider purchasing a home air purifier system.  Most homes are made with ultra-tight construction to insulate the home and make it more energy-efficient. The problem is that all the particles, dust, allergens, and bacteria that enter your home stay trapped inside. A home air purifier system can help eliminate these contaminants.

Whole House Air Purifier San Antonio, TX

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IQAir modular air purifiers offer the highest quality available in stand-alone air purification. These systems are made to purify the air from exactly those air pollutants that are a problem in your facility. They are energy-efficient and work
independently from any heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus comes with a long list of accolades, including top recommendations from Consumer Digest, Discovery Health, Allergy Buyers Club, Consumer Search and Swiss based IQAir is an official partner of the
American Lung Association.

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Perfect 16

#1 Rated whole-house air purifier. The Perfect 16 removes particles of all sizes. This includes ultrafine particles, the smallest and the most dangerous airborne particles of all.

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