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When most people think of air pollution, they are thinking about the quality of the outdoor air. However, did you know that there are many contaminants floating in your indoor air? One of the best ways to combat poor air quality is to install a quality air filter in your HVAC system. At IKE’s Air Conditioning, our San Antonio air filter experts recommend Indoor Wellness filters for the best results. We are a veteran owned, NCI certified business that provides all our clients with exceptional work.

Depending on your specific needs, there are a few different options to choose from, including:

  • MERV-8 Filter – A basic air filter designed for those who maintain a clean house and have no allergies to moderate allergies. It effectively filters out dust, dust mites, lint, carpet fiber, pollen, and hair spray.
  • MERV-11 Filter – An ideal solution for most homes, this air filter is great for those who have minor to major dust issues in their home, one or more pets, and mild to severe allergies. The MERV-11 filters out mold spores, dust, lint, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, car fumes, fabric protectant, and hair spray.
  • Carbon + Filter – The Carbon + Filter is a best-in-class air filter that cleans the air as it passes through, as opposed to simply capturing an odor particle. It is especially beneficial for those who smoke inside the house, cook frequently, have a smelly pet, or experience frequent sickness. It filters out several contaminants, including bacteria, mold spores, tobacco smoke, household odors, fabric protectant, pollen, dust mites, hair spray, dust, lint, pet dander, and car fumes.

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Get More Filter for Your Money

When choosing an air filter, it is important to select a product that is pleated. The more pleats a filter has, the more surface area there is to capture contaminants. Indoor Wellness air filters have 20% more pleats than some other leading filters. This not only adds strength and effectiveness, but also enables the filter to last longer than filters with fewer pleats. That means you’ll be breathing cleaner air and won’t have to replace your filter as frequently.

Better Air Filters Equal Better Air Quality

As you may have noticed via experience, not all air filters are created equal which is why we recommend Indoor Wellness air filters. The structure, design, and thickness vary significantly from filter to filter. Some are pretty flimsy, while others are quite robust and durable. Our HVAC experts recommend Indoor Wellness filters because they are one of the sturdiest products available. The filters are made with a thicker cardboard shell, a good grade metal mesh, and more pleating for maximum durability. The filters retain their shape and integrity to withstand the tremendous amount of pressure created by HVAC units. If you notice that your filter is sagging, bent, or worn-looking, you should consider purchasing a stronger filter.

Indoor Wellness also offers a convenient air filter subscription. This program allows you to choose how many filters and what size you need for your home. You can choose the rating you prefer, whether that is MERV-8, MERV-11, or Carbon +, and how often you would like these delivered to your home. Signing up for a subscription will save you money throughout the year and if you need to order more than one at a time, you'll also receive a discounted rate for each. At IKE's Air Conditioning, we would never recommend a product or service that you don't need so you can trust that an Indoor Wellness air filter subscription will not only save you time and money, it will also ensure the air quality in your home is taken care of and will keep your equipment in tip-top shape!

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