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The air duct system in your house is often hidden from the sight of all who benefit from its heating and cooling abilities. But make no mistake, this system is one of the most crucial in your entire home. Think of an air duct system as a large and heavily trafficked highway, with exits that deliver conditioned or heated air along the way. If you did not have air ducts, there would be no way for the central unit to convey warm or cool air to the different areas of your house.

The problem is that even the best duct systems need to be replaced occasionally, if they have become too old or worn. Fortunately, our reliable veteran-owned team at IKE’S Air Conditioning can give you excellent duct replacement in San Antonio for when you need it most. We are proud members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and licensed as Air Conditioning Contractors by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. That means that our duct replacement team is fully trained and equipped to work with your air ducts safely and effectively to ensure your home gets better indoor air quality fast.

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Deciding on Repairs or Replacement

It might feel like a frustrating headache to think about dealing with a full replacement of your ducts. However, it is far easier, and less expensive, to fix an air duct problem before it becomes a full-fledged catastrophe. If you notice that your air ducts have experienced a lot of repair work lately, then it may be time to get a replacement before everything breaks down completely. Particularly if your system is several years old, it’s best to be proactive.

If you're not sure what state your ducts are in, we offer cutting-edge video camera inspections that let you see exactly what's going on in your air ducts. Our technology allows you to view live footage of your ducts before, during, and after service, so you can see results right away.

Signs Your San Antonio Home Needs A Duct Replacement

It is essential to recognize the warning signals that your ducts need more attention, and possibly a replacement, so that you are not left stranded without an HVAC system.

Some of the most common indications include:

  • The temperature between different rooms can vary drastically – Cracked or leaky vents will make your house either too hot or too cold. When the damage is too great, your entire ductwork could collapse.
  • There are strange and unpleasant smells emerging from the air duct vents – This usually happens when there is a hole or crack allowing allergens and pollutants to come in through the ducts. As they pass out through the vents, this creates an acrid, burning smell.
  • Energy costs have greatly increased – When your bills for energy usage have skyrocketed without any major increase of usage, this means that your system has become inefficient and overloaded. If there is ever any drop within air pressure, the number of particulates will force your AC to work harder than ever before.

Reliability for Rapid Replacement

Remember, air ducts are not mere tubes or channels hidden deep in your attic and walls. Instead, you should think of them as symbols of mobility and freedom in your own house. Without air ducts, you would have to stay in one room if you did not want to freeze during the winter or melt during the summer. Do not hesitate when your air ducts are leaking past repair. With over 40 years of experience, IKE’S Air Conditioning is utterly dependable to get the job done.

Check out our Air Conditioning Contractors license online to confirm that we’re just as qualified as we say we are. Then, call us today at (210) 405-6116 or contact us online for any questions regarding quality duct replacement.

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